Disgraced by Indonesia in the Eyes of the World Athari, Asks the Director of MGPA to be Fired

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MATARAM ,NTB – infoaktualnews.com.       An embarrassing incident occurred before the WSBK event at the Mandalika Circuit. Circulating a video showing an employee suspected of being the MGPA opening a logistics cargo box for Ducati’s Racing Vehicle/Motorcycle

it is considered that this will damage Indonesia’s reputation in the eyes of the world, ahead of the 2021 WSBK Mandalika race which will take place at Pertamina Street Circuit Mandalika Lombok on (19-21/2021)

With the circulation of these videos and photos, the Arubait Ducati team is angry
Not only that, from the news uploaded by Speedweek which became a reference for world automotive news from Switzerland,

Moreover, it was also seen that someone touched the motorbike number 21 which belonged to Michael Ruben Rinaldi from Italy

Responding to the embarrassing incident, the Central Lombok Youth, Athari Fathullah said that what happened was negligence that should not have happened. He highlighted the MGPA’s performance in controlling and preparing for the WSBK event.
Don’t blame the workers, maybe they have never been given technical guidance,” he said (11/11/21).

He continued, adding that MGPA should understand very well that the event that will be held at the Mandalika Circuit will determine what Indonesia looks like in the eyes of the world.

Especially to Pablo Biati, the owner of a Ducati motorcycle whose video has been widely circulated, saying he is disappointed with what happened in Mandalika and this incident only happened in third countries, “he said.

With this incident, Athari thought that MGPA had not been able to prepare for event management and angrily said Thank you MGPA for tarnishing the name of NTB in particular, and Indonesia in general, “said Athari (11/11/21)

Before going too far, he suggested that the Director of MGPA be fired so that the same mistake would not happen a second time because there are still big events (including MotoGP) that must be prepared carefully.
Anyway, fire the director of MGPA, he is not professional in managing the event,” he concluded (11/11/21).

Mentioned about the apology made by MGPA, Athari considered that it was a natural thing and indeed must be done.
by apologizing, it means admitting his mistake and the consequences must be there by being dismissed or fired, he pleaded. (Red)

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